As an asylum seeker in Germany, you have the opportunity to spend a year working in a cultural establishment – a museum, theatre, library, music school or media establishment. This year is called a Voluntary Social Year in Culture (known by the German abbreviation FSJ Kultur). During the course of this year of voluntary service, you learn all about the work of the establishment where you are based, you develop an idea for a project with your team and you are then responsible for seeing through the project. As well as creative and artistic work, there is of course – as with every job – the usual everyday working routine, with tasks that simply have to be done when

you are dealing with the organisation, management and facilitation of cultural events. In addition to this, there is a diverse educational programme – a great opportunity for young refugees to gain important experience for the future, in both private and professional terms, to work in a team and to learn the German language! During the course of the year, you will have the chance to make valuable contacts as well as learning how things work in a cultural establishment.


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